IntraDOOR, one of the first companies that to be equipped with highly sophisticated CNC machines, covers fully all requirements with prompt services. Focusing on improving quality and reducing construction time, in recent years we carry out an investment in machinery, equipment and skilled human resources in this direction. Cutting-edge robotic finishing unit which use organic, environmentally friendly material, fully satisfies consumers. The continuous renewal of patterns associated with of innovative solutions of production, intraDOOR guarantee that will always remain a leader and always will be ready to meet the increasing customer demands. As a result, there is a flexible production in countless projects and color variations.

In order to maintain flawless production, tailored to your convenience and friendly avail-ing, IntraDOOR insists in the spirit of family business and personal collaboration, developed in combination with high professional service. So standing next to you and always been ready to respond to your demands by creating the best doors in the most competitive prices.

Today, IntraDOOR presents the new series of interior doors with updated design and manufacturing procedure that meets the challenges of modern interior decoration.

Faithful to the demands of the times, intraDOOR leads once again, making a large investment plan. The production process has been strengthened with new equipment and new premises, giving a new dynamic in the way of construction. The company also joined the certified quality management system ISO 9001 ensuring a more competitive product to our customers.

IntraDOOR deals with the production of interior doors since the mid 70s. With three generations of activity in the area for frames with modern construction, intraDOOR guarantees a product that is excellent, both in quality and aesthetics.