Laminate doors combine two basic characteristics.
Low price and best quality because of its proven durability.
We propose a frame Rounded or Straight form, also in a different color frame and door.

Door leaf construction
The manufacture of door leaf consists of a wooden frame filled with stabilizing core “honeycomb” and is covered on both sides with MDF.
Frame construction
The frame construction is made of blockboard and the trimms is made of plywood.
Finishing – Coating
The door leaf, the frame and trim are covered in nine film laminate colors:
• Cherry – Beech (smooth surface)
• Rovere – Wenge (relief surface)
• Grizio – Walnut – Decape white & gray – beige

Standard equipment
• Three bolt hinge, simple interior lock and rubber.
• The color of the standard hardware are yellow (gold).

Extra equipment
• Change color from yellow to inox.
• Dual bolt hinge with three settings in yellow and inox
• Lock “mediana”, safety lock, safe lock (only for door entry), cylindrical locks, magnetic lock, WC magnetic & standard lock.
• Aluminium rail 10mm x 3mm, 5mm x 3mm.• Frame glass – Frame veneer.

Door dimensions
• Wall thickness: 10cm – 13cm – 15cm. For wider use extension.
• Door width: 64cm – 69cm – 74cm -79cm – 84cm – 89m – 94cm – 99cm.
• Height: 214cm and below (trimms coverage up to 2,19cm).
• Special diamensions in certain colors – Height up to 220 cm