The Star door combines the quality of the Classic series with a very low price.
Patterns are inherited by the Classic series and come in 10 different colors.

Door leaf construction
The body of door leaf consists of a wooden frame filled with stabilizing core “Honeycomb” and is covered on both sides with MDF.

Frame construction
The frame construction is made of plywood and the trims are plywood also

Finishing – Coating
The leaf, the door frame and sill, are coated only with anegre or rovere venner and are polished with water based colors (environmentally and user friendly) in 10 colors from color index book.

Standard equipment
• Τhree bolt hinge, simple interior lock and rubber.
• The color of the standard hardware are yellow (gold).

Extra equipment
• Change color from yellow to inox.
• Dual bolt hinges with three settings in yellow and inox
• Lock “mediana”, safety lock, safe lock, cylindrical lock.
• Rod aluminum 10mm x 2 mm and 5mm x 3mm or 4mm (Rounded).
• Frame glass – Frame panel.
• The door frame is been produced by Squared trim of 10cm

Door dimensions
• Wall thickness: 10cm – 13cm – 15cm – 24cm.
• Door width: 64cm – 69cm – 74cm -79cm – 84cm – 89m – 94cm – 99cm.
• Height: 214cm and below (covering with extra trip of 2,19cm).

The range is completed with sliding door and lofts.